If you have an interest in your Gevaux family roots, you will find this site an invaluable resource and a way of contacting other members of the Gevaux family across the globe.  Since the family first arrived in London in the 1680s they have set down their roots all over England and as far afield as Canada, Thailand, USA and Australia.

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We have recently been contacted by Lori Oschefski who is researching the lives of Barnardos children, sent to Canada as servants in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Through links with this web site and others she has brought together research on the early life of Annie Emily Gevaux (1906-1978). Much of our knowledge of Annie's life has come from Stephanie Grant Duke* who is the daughter of Annie's sister Alexandra May Gevaux (1902-1997), who was also in the care of Dr Barnardos for much of her childhood.

For more fascinating information on Annie's early life and the less happy experience of some of her contemporaries, follow the link to http://canadianbritishhomechildren.weebly.com/annie-gevaux.html

* Stephanie Duke sadly died in 2010. We are grateful to her for her scholarly research and for supplying many of the photographs that appear in this web site.



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New photographs added see Photo Archive

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Francis James Gevaux; pauper, thief, wife-beater and victim of bigamy •

• The sad life and lonely death of Mary Ann Gevaux, a Victorian tragedy•

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David has been investigating the family's history and roots for more than thirty years and has traced a line of descent back to mid seventeenth-century France.

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